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Car accident with the Gemini Lot

Clearly the accident occured at the same date and time so what I really need to do is look at the active periods.

In this case the Releasing begins from Gemini, but by the beginning of 1981 the Level 1 period moved into Cancer, so sixth house is active and so is the Moon as the ruler. By the time of the accident you were in a L2 Capricorn period (Saturn and the twelfth active) and a Leo L3 (relationships and other people). The Level 4 period was Scorpio, relating to Work and activates the tenth and Mars.

Mars does conjoin natal Moon as previously stated and through the L1 Cancer period the Moon is active and the sixth is active.

This could also explain the accident, astrologically as all the aspects still hold. It's a close call between the two. I think I tend towards the Cancer Lot, simply because the Cancer period is immediate to the accident - only a five day window. And the Sagittarius period brings in friends and so a party, whereas the Gemini Lot brings in work. Now I know from what you've said that the party involved work colleagues so that does narrow the gap but doesn't close it entirely.

But, and its a big 'But', this is one event in your life. We really need to look at several more to see if there is a more pronounced difference between the Lots. I'll do one more event, which has reasonable timing but that still allows some error room.
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