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... indicates a real chance of death.

At the same moment, transiting Mars was just separating from a conjunction to your natal Moon by a degree. If it had been applying rather than separating, I don't think you would be here now. Remember your natal Moon is in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is an active place at this time.
I slammed into a power pole head-on. The impact broke the pole about 10 ft up and at ground level. The part still attached swung back into the car and hit the windshield. I was literally only inches from being killed.

Incidentally, Saturn was also at 26 Libra, some 43 minutes passed the conjunction. You had a clear hand in creating the event.

My feeling is that this almost perfectly describes the situation and the event
Certainly it was my fault, both the accident and the drinking that led to it. I concur that it does describe the event.

You might also look back and ask if you can detect any changes in the background of life from September 1978 onwards. Things not quite working out well. But remember it's the average you are looking at, good time can and do occur.
There was a change. That would have been my last year of High School and there was a difference as I had a job and quit sports to go to work.

The Moon Mercury conjunction occurred at: 7:14 AM

The Moon Saturn conjunction occurred at 8:25 AM so you seem to have just missed the real danger period.
By 7:14 the police would have shown up and I could barely talk due to the accident as my mouth was severely impacted. By 8:25 I would have been at the hospital, having blood taken and being "arrested" even though I was released to seek dental emergency help. Both very fitting to the actual events.

It certainly seems that the Cancer Fortune and Libra Spirit seem to fit better than 2 Mercury positions.

Thank You for the effort you have put into this.

Edited to add: Saturn would also be related to the broken teeth
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