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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
I'm actually doing Chris Brennan's course, so this was of immediate interest. I sort of have the feeling that the program is incomplete, or that Rob has given up developing it, because there doesn't seem to be any new releases since last June.

I had difficulty installing it, despite there being a windows version. In the end I had to install python and then install the program, to get it to run. This means running it from the command prompt.

The good thing is that it uses the same database format as Morinus and thus charts an be read by either program (including the 'full' version of Morinus). If I remember correctly (I'm not at my desktop, so can't check) the Hermetic Lots are pre-installed. and further Lots can be added, just like Traditional Morinus. Unlike Traditional Morinus, it doesn't allow for a wheel style chart, only the traditional square chart. Chris uses the wheel style in his lectures and course handouts, so it doesn't quite fit with the course look and feel. I would certainly want this feature added.

ZR is reasonably well implemented, better that some programs that are paid for but it's still primitive compared to Delphic Oracle.

Personally, I think Rob would have been better to install the Hellenistic features into Traditional Morinus, which he has already adapted to cope with the Lots. That would create a very powerful program for Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology. As it is, the customer base is highly restricted and I (sadly) would not see it meeting the needs of the the general Astrologer looking for a free program. I hope he either develops it or combines it with Morinus because it could become a really useful program.
I do not have problems. Valens works well in Windows XP and Windows 7.
Setting to a round horoscope: Options - Appearance - Chart - Round. Rob is my friend. I helped him with the primary directions module in the program Morinus. He unfortunately has little time, so he stopped to develop Morinus and will not continue on the program Valens. Maybe sometime in the future.
Yes, Curtis program is the best and affordable.
Unfortunately, my English is not good. I hope you can understand the text.
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