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Just finished Caitlin Matthews' The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, as relief from my stalled second wade through Joseph Maxwell's monumentally deep and difficult The Tarot, with its rather abstruse numerological complexities (believe it or not, it gives me more trouble than the Book of Thoth!). Also re-read andybc's Lenormand 36 Cards and will soon enjoy a second go at Rana George's The Essential Lenormand. I'm also thinking of bucking up on my French and German and going after some of the non-English Lenormand books andy has recommended. Not all "tarot-related," I know, but still in the cartomantic ball-park. I'm also getting up my resolve to do one of my periodic re-reads of the Book of Thoth, but I need a new copy; mine is all in pieces and difficult to hold.
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