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Originally Posted by theangel View Post
I just picked this up at barnes and noble last night. I have yet to open it. It came with a set of The Rider Tarot Deck and a book by Amber Jayanti. It was 30 bucks. I didnt know if maybe someone would have a better suggestion of where to spend 30 buck on trying to learn how to use tarot cards for a beginner.

The Rider deck's illustrations kinda remind me of the Renaissance deck I already own and am not very fond of either, but the Renaissance deck was passed down to me so I really want to study it.

I see that the Rider uses pentacles instead of coins? would this confuse a beginner, if I really just want to study my renaissance deck.

Do you suppose the book came with it just teaches you about the Rider deck? the packaging really didnt say.

Hi, you should check out the RWS sub forum here. The Rider Waite deck is one of the seminal decks, and I'm figuring the vast majority of decks published in the century since its appearance are based on the system behind it.
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