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1. The Cancer Lot

The Cancer Lot looked more accurate on the car accident so I'll start with that.

Cancer has a period of 25 years, so the very first L1 period was still in force in that year. The Level 2 period was Capricorn up till 30 November 1970, when there was a loosing of the bond to Cancer. That gave a L1/L2/L3/L4 Cancer period, so that date or one up to the next change to a Leo L4 on the night of 5th December should be important. The L3 period lasted till 13 January 1971 so I would think that everything that was linked to this episode was over by then. That date also say a loosing of the bond so a new period in your life began then.

Choosing a particular day in between those two dates becomes problematical, However, I've chosen to go for the 15th December. On this date the L4 period switched to Scorpio, your tenth Place. Mars was already activated through the L2/L3 Cancer periods, so this seems an appropriate one to choose, with Mars being in Cancer natally.

At the moment that the L4 began, transiting Moon was about to conjoin natal Mars (2 degrees off) which looks a significant event for your life and future actions. Mars itself was transiting the tenth and had just finished transiting the Lot of Children, as given by Dorotheus. Mars also opposes by sign the Lots of Father and Mother, which are both ruled by Venus. Venus too is opposing those lots and in a mutual application to Saturn, your Ascendant ruler (separation of 3 degrees).

Mars is a planet of severance, cutting, accidents, surgery. Saturn is a planet of separation and exclusion. So we have symbolism of separation or severance of children from parents (or at least one parent).

Mars rules the third house of siblings in this chart as well as the tenth. So it's not surprising that one or more siblings played an important role in this event.

Now I don't know how accurate you can be with the events of this period. But if we're going to take this further you need to think back to that time to fit in the events.

Two following dates might be significant. On 27th December the Level 4 period switched to Aquarius, which is your Ascendant, and that puts emphasis on its ruler Saturn, retrograde in the fourth place of parents and family. That lasted just into the new year.

The other significant date would be the 4th January 1971 when a L4 Aries period began, again placing emphasis on Mars and the third house of Siblings. Mars was still transiting the tenth and thus opposing the fourth house of parents, family and home.
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