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Wink Romantic Tarot Deck Lesson 0 The Fool

I've had my romantic tarot deck for a month now! I love it! The cards are really detailed and come to life as you pull cards 1-9. Since I have yet to see anyone post about them and their meanings, I'll DO IT! In my opinion "The Romantic Tarot" should only be used for matters in love.

Lets start with the major Arcana "The Fool"

In this deck the fool gives off a joyful, silly,and full of life personality. He is a young man that has a lot going on around him. In the card he is standing on a tea table that is in the sky. Which can represent his airhead ways. The tea on the table represents the need for a relaxed day. The fool has issues with what he wants depending on the surrounding cards. Their doves flying all around him. Doves represent peace and blessings. The fool can always represent good news or a time to get away. The sunflower on his tux means a love that can be refreshing.

When he comes up in your Romantic tarot as "feelings for someone or for me" The man or woman feels that you bring light to their dark days. It can also mean a new relationship. The fool can be a player as well so watch-out he can "fool" you!
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