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Originally Posted by JasonLion View Post
There would be some savings in space by having everything in one app, but it wouldn't be enough to really change things. An all in one app that gave up the per deck custom main menus could save perhaps 10-15% on total storage.

A 16 Meg device has room for roughly 200 to 300 of our Tarot apps, if there were than many So for most people, it is going to be a little while before this becomes a really serious problem.
That makes sense that the savings wouldn't be worth it.

And I guess I'm just an app junkie, and I get nervous when the available space gets too low. My 32GB phone only has 10GB free (of the ~23 available), and I only have about 4 tarot apps currently installed, and none of my astrology apps! I just have too many apps in general, plus all those podcasts, Kindle books, overly large Google apps, photos, Evernote...

You're right though -- I'm sure I'll be fine.
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