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New Box Sizing at TGC!


I thought I should add that at The Game Crafter they now have added a 40-card Poker Tuck Box and also a 40-card Tarot Tuck Box, so if you want to use either of those sizes for your Tarot or Oracle deck but didn't want your 36-card Tarot banging around in the standard 90-card Tarot Tuck Box - there is now an alternative or two for you.


Comparing a few box prices - in Poker size TGC has a clear plastic 40-box (cost $1.01), a plain white 40-box (cost $2.49), and the standard 'you design what you want 40-box'(cost $2.79). However, choosing the non-plastic boxes DO NOT add much to the price point (I was surprised!) so if you can design you own box it only adds about a dollar more than going for the clear plastic box ... options to think about!
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