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Holistic Tarot revisited

Originally Posted by jema View Post
oh I am so picking the Regardie out again!

I recently got the Holisitc tarot so been looking through that one, seems more like a reference book then something I would read from cover to cover though. Do like the chapter on how she found tarot a lot though.
I saw the Holistic Tarot in the book shop the other day, and had a quick peek through it, but I still did not agree with the part in page 2, where it said,

Originally Posted by Holistic Tarot
"If I asked you, what will happen when I put my hand into the fire?, and you answer, You will burn yourself. Are you predicting the future? In one sense, yes, you are. What you are doing is tapping into your conscious knowledge to access information ...."
and its anti fortune telling message in the beginning of the book.

As one member already pointed out, that question and answer is nothing to do with prediction, but it is a statement of cause and effect.

Most questions we ask to Tarot is not like that, but 99% of them is related to unknown facts or outcomes about our daily lives and human relations, i.e. Am I going to marry her? What is she really up to? Will my project / business succeed? ...etc etc.

There is no room for science in these areas of life, and we are asking Tarot in blind faith for the answers, and no matter how superstitious it sounds, we are seeking for answers from divine beings or our unconsciousness, which are above this material world. But maybe this is a matter of personal opinion.

Still it looked like a good reference book, and I might get one from Amazon maybe in the future
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