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Oracle de Belline: Index

This is my first time starting a study group, so sorry if anything doesn't seem to make sense.

The Oracle de Belline was created sometime between 1845 and 1865 by the Magus Edmond. The cards were rediscovered in the 1950s by Marcel Belline, who made the oracle famous under his own name.

The deck has 53 cards: 7 cards for each of the 7 astrological planets, 3 significators, and an extra card used as a talisman.

The artwork is kind of simple, and I have some trouble with the symbols at times, but I'll try to share whatever knowledge I have.

Translation from French to English of the original Belline Oracle LWB

No Planet:
Card 1: Destiny
Card 2: The Man's Star
Card 3: The Woman's Star
Card 4: Nativity
Card 5: Success
Card 6: Elevation
Card 7: Honors
Card 8: Thought/Friendship
Card 9: Countryside/Health
Card 10: Presents
Card 11: Betrayal
Card 12: Departure
Card 13: Inconstancy
Card 14: Discovery
Card 15: The Water
Card 16: The Home
Card 17: Sickness
Card 18: Change
Card 19: Money
Card 20: Intelligence
Card 21: Theft/Loss
Card 22: Projects
Card 23: Trade
Card 24: News
Card 25: Pleasure
Card 26: Peace
Card 27: Union
Card 28: Family
Card 29: Love
Card 30: The Table
Card 31: Passions
Card 32: Wickedness
Card 33: Trial
Card 34: Despotism
Card 35: Enemies
Card 36: Negotiations
Card 37: Fire
Card 38: Accident
Card 39: Support
Card 40: Beauty
Card 41: Heritage
Card 42: Wisdom
Card 43: Renown
Card 44: Chance
Card 45: Happiness
Card 46: Misfortune
Card 47: Sterility
Card 48: Fate
Card 49: Grace
Card 50: Ruin
Card 51: Delay
Card 52: Cloister
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