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Tarot of the Crone-Five of Cups

My impressions about this image include...

~Praying for something that one is powerless to achieve otherwise.
~Becoming overwhelmed by the idea of having something that is unattainable except by providence.
~Being barred from having that which is desired.

At first, it seemed to me that the image in this card presents a supplicant, kneeling alone in a small dark room, praying in front of a round stained glass window, which contains a pentagram. However, I now see it as the full moon filling a round window that is barred by red ironwork made in the shape of a pentagram. I get the feeling that the supplicant is as likely to have her way as she is to stand on the moon, and I've come around to the conclusion that this card is about deploying belief to attain that which is not attainable in any other way.

My conclusion is not too far off from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince's vision of the Five of Cups. Its keyword is actually "Hope". Her observation regarding the supplicant is that "...she holds in her heart her belief in the existence of perfect love and perfect trust." I see now that the supplicant has no aspiration to stand on the moon; she merely believes that it exists, and in that belief, the possibility of attainment exists.

Something I had not considered initially while observing this card was its number. In my training, five relates to change. Ms. Lorenzi-Prince embraces that concept, as well, but fine-tunes her definition: "Evolution. Movement of life through time. Changing power." As a result, her interpretation of the Five of Cups fulfills the spirit of the five more specifically, focusing on the opportunity unveiled by change: "Times of change are times of opportunity, and opportunity lies in looking to the future, not the past. In trying times, look also within and gather strength. Search for more perfect understanding, as you prepare for your next step."

Another component to consider in this card (and the entire deck) is the meaning of color. Ms. Lorenzi-Prince's color chart attaches the following meanings to white, red and purple, which comprise the Five of Cups:

The window or moon -- white: "The bare bones. That which endures and tells no lies. Truth.
The supplicant and the pentacle -- red: "The life force as Lust. Passion. Blood. Strength."
The room -- purple: "The life force as Magic. The path of the soul through time. Deep power."

All in all, Ms. Lorenzi-Prince holds a much more optimistic view of the Five of Cups than I do, especially at this moment. I certainly appreciate her interpretation of looking forward toward opportunity more than my own dim view of regret and loss.
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