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Originally Posted by Sirena84 View Post
yey.. first customer..
I know we will probably stretch it to a full celtic cross by page 10.. hahaha.. Kidding ...

9 of coins (4 of wands -jumped out).. both of these cards have a serene feel to them.. in the 4 of wands ladies chilling on bed of flowers in the country and 9 also is in a garden.. so I am guessing somewhere in the country.. lotsa plants.. yellow flowers...

Q: tell me about my night with my boy tomorrow night?

Star/Death : ok, before you cringe, the Death card is ruled by Scorpio, the zodiac sign of Sex.
Now that we have set that straight, tomorrow night will go *really* well, he will be star star struck by whatever you will surprise him with, and will rock his world and knock his socks off ( literally)
( just make sure you don't lose the keys for the handcuffs and give some extra shine to your latex boots )

Q: how would he receive the song if I did send it to him ?
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