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Originally Posted by magenta View Post
I saw it, thank you...that would be really nice.

no... the Death card is a very intense one, and adds intensity to the card close to it. Its energy is a lot more that endings or transformation, it also caries a very deep, intense energy, the type of which changes or leaves an imprint, a mark on us. A Death type of personality or person is the one that leaves a strong impression in us. A Death person can be also very sexy, very sexual . It is a very rich, complex card ( well, they all are )

So, wear your dominatrix suit baby, yeah

prince of cups/7 of wands - i see this combo that he will receive it really well.. he will see it as a real thoughtful gift.. if that is a thoughtful thing for a special day.. I think it will also give him the added insentive to want to fight for this. and want to get back up with determination and perseverance..

yes, it has a meaning for us.

page of swords/Justice : do all the necessary paperwork and research first.All the legal stuff.

hey AE!

Page of wands/9 of swords: X maybe thought you were afraid or worried he would talk to you ? He thought you did not want to talk.

Q: a message from my dad for me

sun/hermit (two majors) .. strong messages.. he wants you to enjoy your life.. to be happy, have joy and follow your heart.. I somehow feel that the hermit maybe is him.. or that he wants you to know that all the answers are closer than you think.. you have grown wise

Q: how does the boy feel about my new friendship forming with a few guys I met? (all platonic)
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