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Originally Posted by Sonia Doris View Post
RWS - Page & VII of Swords

Speak the absolute truth, no matter how harsh it is, but also keep him at arm's length and vice versa.


Q: Okay. I made the decision not to grow old(er) any time soon. Will I pull it through?
What I say : The only way not to grow older is to die and that is not what life is for! It's for living in our current incarnation and even when we die it is not a death but a changing of our atoms back to what we were before we combined to make a 'human'.
Enjoy this human experience, it may be the only one you get (;

rx World
rx Page Swords

This is what the cards are telling me:
When will you learn? Think young= be young.
Revisit your spirit-enriching discoveries and epiphanies from when you thought you could take over the world!
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