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Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Decks take a massive amount of time and effort to produce, yet are ridiculously cheap to buy, and still people will complain they're too expensive! We should value artists and writers more. If deck creators were paid at plumber's rates, decks would cost about 2000 each
Thank you - this one made me laugh It's true though, a lot of time goes into making a deck... It is a labour of love, but I agree that at times we get lost in the commercial world where the expectancy is that 78 cards should only cost xyz, forgetting the hours and hours of work behind each individual artwork in the deck.... and the time leading up to making a deck (inspiration, learning artistic skills, research)

Even though I only ever use my own drawings and paintings, I agree with tarotbear that copyright and/or ownership issues (if they are likely to impact on a deck you are making) should absolutely be at the very top of your list (and perhaps sticky on the forum as well) ... Better to be informed and make changes and/or seek approval early, than get to the end of a long journey and face disappointment over not being able to print or publish your project ... (or worse still, face legal issues over having published a deck without the necessary permissions )
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