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Originally Posted by KatieLuvs View Post
What do you guys mean software? So its a computer generated scope?
Yes but usually with the facility to calculate derived charts, such as Solar or other return charts, plus a lot of supporting data.

Astrological software runs from programs that will calculate a chart from date of event, time of event and location of event and little else up to programs that will indeed give you an interpretation (of sorts) and an awful lot of data which the user can interpret/process. Event here means anything that you think is important, though for most users it will probably be a birth (your own or friends/family).

The gain in facilities is at the cost of price increases. So at the bottom we have freebies, the best of which, In my opinion, is Morinus (though there are some that are nearly as good) up to really expensive programs costing $300+

At either end of the market (and indeed all the way through), it really comes down to the facilities you need (rather than want) and the look and feel of the program, which is why there's no single best all round program.

If you're interested, have a look through the thread and pick out one or two you fancy. As Kalliope says most of the discussion is at the cheap to free end, because you have to be a real enthusiast to pay over $100, let alone the $300 - $500 you will find out there.

If you find something you're interested in, then ask any further questions you want about your picks
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