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Originally Posted by strangebrew View Post
He will have to go , seriously though...stay protected or you could get ill. Emperor rules the aries energy....not an easy one! I have had to remove myself from at least one

I am not searching for one


You feel it will be a choice that will bring you huge changes in your life. It will also end something significant for you

Who is the soulmate i am not looking for?
I am ill now.. I have been feverish because of sleeping late from all the late night talks.. But I don't want him to go............ (I brought up the Aries asc because I know it relates to Emperor) Well this reading from you is also a good one - so it is good moving to him (the Emperor) ?

Ace of cups/King of pentacles
An earthy male who is also your true love, someone new by the looks of it (Ace)

How do I protect myself from him draining my energy while keeping him in my life?
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