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Originally Posted by HappyTree View Post
I am ill now.. I have been feverish because of sleeping late from all the late night talks.. But I don't want him to go............ (I brought up the Aries asc because I know it relates to Emperor) Well this reading from you is also a good one - so it is good moving to him (the Emperor) ?

Ace of cups/King of pentacles
An earthy male who is also your true love, someone new by the looks of it (Ace)

How do I protect myself from him draining my energy while keeping him in my life?
I think my reading was about a new start for you but with a choice

9 coins/king pents

by making sure you are comfortable in his presence, the lady in the card is surrounded by fruit and looks very earthed.... go to you tube and check out vids for protecting your aura and do this every day , if it still doesnt change, then review things

My summer?
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