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Good day all,

I decided to get the app as I have been using the deck for about a year now. I love the app. The only question I have is the section on the Chakra. I have not in the past ever followed Chakra for my tarot cards, so it becomes new to me. I am trying to understand its use with tarot as I have studied it a bit in reiki, but have never associated it with tarot and I did not see a connection with my wild unknown deck. Is the Chakra identified in the Wild Unknown Guidebook?

Does anyone else use the chakra as a means to read tarot?
The guidebook doesn't cover chakras. I hadn't even explored this yet in the app until you mentioned it. The use of chakras with this deck makes perfect sense to me now. I think it's fabulous that she covers this in the app and integrates these two systems. I'd love to see a follow-up or second-edition book with all the info covered in the app, including chakras.
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