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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
I wish it weren't flexibly funded. Kickstarter is SO much safer... but with those artists...

Reall - just go for it - you don't have to have an account; you can just paypal or use a credit card without one.

I just backed it and it seemed totally uninterested on my postage costs - so at least if it did fail I won't lose those !
ok! it's good to know I don't need acc!^^ postage is my other concern/ edit happy to see it's included!^^ you are right this is win win!^^ lolz ))

Originally Posted by desertrat View Post
Wow!!! Look at that list of Creators and Supporters! Jaw-droppingly impressive.

Their goal seems rather daunting - I'm not all that optimistic that they'll reach it. If it were for an ordinary sort of deck I would pass, but this is an important cause that touches everybody's lives. I'm viewing it as a worthwhile donation.
im sure they'll make it!^^ ))

@Annabelle i think kickstarter is *safe/money is taken from your card when goal is reached? not sure for indiegogo?))

@Madrigal like that blog post!^^ ) it's always interesting to read how art is made!^^ )
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