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Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
I'm with Annabelle here. I backed an Indegogo campaign last year that I guess was flexibly funded. Campaign succeeded and decks were supposed to be mailed out Sept 2014. No deck, no updates from the artist, and Indegogo didn't do anything other than give me the artist's direct email address to contact her. Three contact attempts (once through the campaign page and twice through direct email) without a response. Now whenever Indegogo sends me a questionnaire, I give the whole service model a thumbs down. (And, yes, gregory. I know.)

I backed Robert Place's campaign because it was from a known quantity with a reputation to maintain. While there are a number of known quantities involved with this deck, I think I'll be waiting until closer to the end of the campaign to fund it if it looks like it's going to make it.

Yes Rodney. I know too. I have backed this one because at least the artists are so stellar I think it should be OK. I have never actually been bitten by one, as I hate the model so much I - but I avoid indiegogo as a rule, on principle. I have backed exactly one other - created by a member here - which is apparently mailing as we speak. (As I recall she actually said she wished she had gone kickstarter !) Kickstarter is much better managed - and even there we all know about that one that fell over badly.

And I tell them what a crap model it is, too - that they should only allow fixed funding with payment at the end if it makes the goal. But - as they don't listen, I don't go there. This one, however - well... there are people I know opersonally in that list of artists !

reall - postage is only included in the US. Be careful ! Just it never asked me for more than the pledge cost ! So I didn't exactly volunteer.
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