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Horary Resources

I'm always on the look-out for more worthwhile reference material on horary astrology. So far I have the following horary-specific books:

Christian Astrology, William Lilly
The Horary Textbook, John Frawley
Simplified Horary Astrology, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson
Horary Astology and the Judgment of Events, Barbara Watters

Amazon has four pages of listings that appear to be all horary books. I see that Bonatti has one, Anthony Louis a couple, also Olivia Barclay, J. Lee Lehman, Chris Warnock, Barbara Dunn, Marc Edmund Jones, Derek Appleby and Geoffrey Cornelius, Simmonite, Marion March and Joan McEvers, C.C Zain, Robert Deluce, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Geraldine Davis, Raphael, Alphee Lavoie and a handful of Vedic authors. Many of these authors I respect from past exposure, others I have less use for.

Are any of these books particularly recommended? Are there any other books (or blogs) on the subject not listed here that are worth getting hold of?
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