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I agree on the reversals. And when someone does a say, 10 card reading for me, and 9 out of 10 cards are reversed I just can't help but think that we're readig the spread upside down... LOL!

I also get annoyed by someone is a bit too "woo woo" and superstitious with their deck, and addresses it as if it was a person. "Oh this deck is a bit cheeky, for your question we can use the X deck instead, she is such a sweetheart!".

My biggest pet peeve doesn't have to do with the reading style, but with how well a reader can deal with feedback and constructive criticism. I once had a free reading from Biddy Tarot and since feedback is the payment I replied with what was very good in the reading and then mentioned what just didn't make sense to me and why. I got a really sour and snappy reply which just made me facepalm. If you don't want to learn why not just start an etsy shop and ignore feedback... UGH!
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