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Clarifiers drive me nuts.

But what gets to me most is when the reader knows they are right, when they actually can't be, and insists on that in the face of everything to the contrary. I recall one where the reader was CERTAIN the sitter would become pregnant. This is REALLY not likely to happen to a 65 year old - but the reader was adamant, even when this was pointed out. It absolutely WAS going to be a LITERAL PREGNANCY (she tried suggesting projects and so on - no, it was BABIES.)

Pressed VERY hard, the reader allowed that it MIGHT mean an adoption - well, no, no chance.

Also like the ones where the reader (here) knows I am a guy (fair enough, it happens; that cat has a lot to answer for) - but then will not accept that I'm not. But it is a bit of a peeve as it renders the reading useless - if it starts that far off, even with a correction, how much of the rest do I take seriously ? A reader MUST be able to be flexible; and if there is actual factual evidence that they have misread something - they have to accept that..

As for the times people ask for your opinion about their reading and then dismiss it all with "no you're wrong, because" - if they know what it means - WHY ASK OTHERS and waste their time and effort ?

And finally (maybe !) "This card always means that". No it doesn't
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