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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
Clarifiers drive me nuts.

But what gets to me most is when the reader knows they are right, when they actually can't be, and insists on that in the face of everything to the contrary. I recall one where the reader was CERTAIN the sitter would become pregnant. This is REALLY not likely to happen to a 65 year old - but the reader was adamant, even when this was pointed out. It absolutely WAS going to be a LITERAL PREGNANCY (she tried suggesting projects and so on - no, it was BABIES.)
And finally (maybe !) "This card always means that". No it doesn't
These things that gregory has said..

Clarifiers - if you don't know what a card means and you're not very experienced with reading tarot then adding another card will just give you another card that puzzles you even more..
There are so many brand new readers that I see doing this with every position in a spread.. I think it's part of the having to have things or know things instantly these days.. Put some effort in, take some time and get to know the cards then you really won't need to 'clarify' something..

Readers who know they are right.
I had a reading from a very well respected reader who was very fond of telling people just how long he'd been reading, how good he was etc.. The Empress showed up in my reading and he said I was pregnant.. I said that was impossible since my husband had had 'the snip'.. He then said that I should make sure that my husband wasn't lying to me about his vasectomy and that I really was pregnant.. My response: I was there during the operation, saw it happen and my husband is not a liar...
Some people are just too arrogant to be tarot readers..

This card always means that...
NO IT DOESN'T - cards have a root meaning but the actual meaning changes depending on the context of the reading.. A card can show up meaning one thing in one reading and ten minutes later it could show up again in another reading and mean something completely different.
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