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Originally Posted by Metafizzypop View Post
I guess I got a couple of peeves, too. One is when I see a reader who looks down their nose at other readers who don't read the same way she does. The kind of reader who pooh-poohs others for using reversals, for example, or not using reversals. Or using books, or not using books. Or who doesn't use their left hand to cut the deck. The kind of person who looks at others with disdain for doing things differently. I don't come across this often, fortunately, but it sure is obnoxious.
I think the distinction here is these are pet peeves. They are things that might irk but we acknowledge is one way of doing things. We're never going to say to a person "Don't use reversals" we're going to just talk about them behind their back on here.

I am with you on the readers who use their deck as a chance to just talk about big cosmic ideas and not relate to the question at hand - the Thoth does seem to have cornered the market on this.
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