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Originally Posted by Laura Borealis View Post
This is just me, but I tend to eyeroll (privately) when people wig out about others touching their cards. One casual finger-brush is apparently enough to upset the balance of energies and require a full cleansing. It's like they think everyone is covered in psychic germs or something. Rude.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who feel free to do anything with your deck without asking. This only happened once, but I had a roommate "anoint" my deck with some foul-smelling oil, because she had just done her own and had some extra oil on her hands. My deck is not your hand towel, missy!
Im guilty of not allowing others to touch my cards, unless I am giving them a reading then I prefer it if they shuffle. However my reason isn't because it "upsets the balance of the energies" its more because if they "accidentally" spill a beverage or damage them, or lose them I will be extremely pissed off

I don't really have any peeve's about readers because I think that people should read how they are comfortable, however it is annoying when the reader acts like they have magical powers, and also when they say things like "oh I see you have been cursed, but not to worry, I can help rid you of this curse so you can live the life you should live by purchasing this ridiculously overpriced ornament, only $500 and you will be curse free for the next year"

I do have a few peeves about reading for friends. When I first started learning Tarot, I would offer my friends free readings in exchange for feedback, I would encourage everyone before every reading to be open with me on how accurate they felt the reading was as well as my delivery, and all I would get back after doing a 30 min reading was "it was good"...UGH!!!!! do I seriously have to PULL out feedback, that's not cool.

Another peeve on that note is that one friend that comes to you for EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM in his or her life and wants you to drop everything you're doing to do a reading to see if he/she is making the right choice.
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