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Originally Posted by spinnachie View Post

I do have a few peeves about reading for friends. When I first started learning Tarot, I would offer my friends free readings in exchange for feedback, I would encourage everyone before every reading to be open with me on how accurate they felt the reading was as well as my delivery, and all I would get back after doing a 30 min reading was "it was good"...UGH!!!!! do I seriously have to PULL out feedback, that's not cool.

People who don't use the cards themselves probably don't understand what you mean by feedback. Maybe put a little list of feedback points you'd like them to give at the end of the reading would help.

Originally Posted by DownUnderNZer View Post

My kind of pet peeve with her even if she is $240 an
hour. Well......
That's whyshe was $240 an hour.

Originally Posted by closrapexa View Post
lol, exactly! I should start instagramming my own desk where I do readings... full ashtray, Tarot notebooks, bits of weed, coffee mugs and other assorted clutter. Those Martha Stewart-esque pictures have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Even if people have time for such a "morning reading," how do they have the energy?
Yeah, mine would be hair sticking up everywhere, bleary eyes because I've yet to have my coffee, beading junk all on the floor by my bed, Tarot books all over my bed (yes, I do sleep that way. ) and just general disarray this morning. I'm exhausted and going back to bed as soon as I go through the rest of AT.
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