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Originally Posted by nisaba View Post
A woman I used to swap readings with, used to wrap me up in a white scarf blessed by the Dalai Lama "for protection" when she read for me presumably because she was so afraid of Tarot, and used to lead (incompetently) a whole long meditation before the reading to put me in the presence of a godform she believes in and I don't, to further protect me during the reading from whatever dangers she perceived.

I loved the idea of swapping readings with her regularly. But it made me cringe so much that I don't even see her socially any more, I've just gently let the friendship die a natural death.
Why bother reading if you are so afraid of it?
You should have invented a crazy ritual for kicks, like, she needs to cleanse her hair with the urine of a pig that was blessed by an elderly sorceress from across the globe that is on her death bed and that can protect her. Then tell her to wait for the woman to astral travel to you two, the urine in the hair calls her.
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