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Originally Posted by AmethystEyes View Post
When I first started I was told to cleanse my cards, so after every reading I would do a little thing. It got annoying and I got over it and everything is fine
Originally Posted by spinnachie View Post
Im guilty of not allowing others to touch my cards, unless I am giving them a reading then I prefer it if they shuffle. However my reason isn't because it "upsets the balance of the energies" its more because if they "accidentally" spill a beverage or damage them, or lose them I will be extremely pissed off
Neither of those is what I was talking about - cleansing is fine, asking people not to handle your cards is fine. It's the people that wig out. "OMG you touched my cards don't you know they are SACRED it's like someone wore your UNDERWEAR without asking OMG I'm going to have to cleanse them in salt and moonlight and Hibiclens™ now and it will take TWO WEEKS."

I'm exaggerating only slightly.

I mean, just say, "Hey, in the future I'd rather you didn't handle my cards," most people will be fine with it.
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