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I dislike criticizing people, but I can't stand charlatans! They may not come up as your usual card reader, but they may be fortunetellers working with rather occult forces -such as the genie (a particular type of fey folk which may not always have people's best interests at heart albeit they are not the same as demons -which one can well choose to work with depending on her path).

Particular approach of these type of people are, the moment they see you and:

- Oh, there is a spell on you!
- You are possesed, you are binded!

and so on...

They will ask you for money to get rid of the spell (so called or real) and to free you.

They may well be spot on in their predictions (pertaining to future or the past), since their allies -the forces they work with- are usually good at this; but they can equally be very misleading.

In short I can't stand with liars and people who misuse others for their own end in search of money or power; and there are plenty of such people.

In the case of a spell or something, or advice pertaining to the future if it's really necessary, I believe one needs the help of honest and real witches/shamans, who can see the bigger picture and may come up with true insights + offer help, not some egotistical and off-balance individuals who can actually cause more harm.

(The reader cursing Padma is some good example portraying the type am trying to define.)

When you are not already vulnerable, you don't feel the need to ask for help. So whoever you seek advice from must not misuse or multiply that vulnerability. Instead he/she should be able to help you heal and move forward.
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