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Originally Posted by Metafizzypop View Post
The other peeve isn't really a peeve, just something I find amusing. It relates only to people who use the Thoth deck. It seems to me that there are some people, not a lot just some, who use the Thoth to do readings but not to answer the question. This reader lays the cards out on the table, and then gets into talking about the decans, the astrological correspondences, the Kabbalah aspects, etc. They'll say that this card represents Venus in Pisces, and that other card is Saturn in Aquarius, and that this card represents Yesod and another relates to Hokhmah. And that's it. So hey, it's interesting hearing about all these correspondences and stuff, but can you or can you not tell me if I'm going to find a new boyfriend this year?
I have this same feeling. They are not sitting down for me to teach them about astrology or show of how much occult knowledge I know but rather to get their questions answered
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