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Chapter 6 discussed ideas for a Tarot journal. I do think that the journal is an absolutely essential item for the tarot student, I've been keeping one for a long time in two formats.

At first I thought that this was a lot of sections for a journal but came to the conclusion that a new person could start with all these and then maintain the sections they found especially beneficial. And I really like the personal reflections section:

Through your card reflections, you will eventually adopt your own personal approach to card interpretation and will cease to rely on the published guides of others

I think it's a smart idea to keep the lists of meanings you get from books of card interpretations separate from your own musings that you develop as you study. This section becomes your distilled impression of the card and will be less disjointed than an exhaustive list of keywords.

If one were to attempt a journal with these sections I would highly recommend Evernote for the everything but the record of readings as it will make those notes easily searchable. There is something about writing readings down in a blank book that I do love so that part I probably would not substitute.
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