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Okay, I admit I don't allow other people to touch my cards if I am going to do a reading. It's really strange because when I first began to use Tarot I was thinking that the proper way to do things is to give the cards to the other person so they can shuffle them. I used this way of doing readings for I while. But then I noticed that when some other person touches my cards (and I mean a wide range of people with clean hands) my cards become sticky, they can't shuffle that well and begin to fall down easilly out of my hands or of the hands of whoever is shuffuling them. It always happens with different people and with different decks. I have to re-arange the cards and leave them for a while and then they are okay. I don't mid people touching them when I am done with readings if they want to take a look or something.

Other than that there is another thing I thought of. People with numerous questions. They don't have the exact same questions, but my dialog with such people is something like that:

Q: Why is he behaving like this?
A: Because he is hurt from someone closer to them and he really had bad day.
Q: He raised his eyebrow! Can you believe this, he raised his eyebrow at me! What does he mean by raising that eyebrow? What does he meant when he scratced his nose? It was a strange scratch, not the regular??

(and so on and so on, until the end of time or until the time the reader gets a headache). And the bad thing is ... I had recieved similar questions for real.

Have to agree with this one. Was once "cursed" by a reader, because I told him his advice was bad! (he told me I *must* return to my abusive husband, no choice!) (I didn't, of course!) Not cool to curse people. Or to tell them to go back to a realllly bad marriage! His curse did not work, either.
Such people are just posers, this is what I think, they are not actual readers. I am happy you didn't think too much about the curse part and you lauged at him, because I have seen people ruin their lives with their own will just because they believe they have been cursed.
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