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I didn't properly keep track of the chapters for each week (and somehow left out chapter 4 when I originally posted. Will remedy by playing catch up this week.

In Chapter 7 the book discusses rote beginner learning and makes it clear that a new reader should memorize the meanings of the cards. I quite agree. The chapter talks about how you will form your own meanings for the cards in time that are a blend of tradition and your experiences/learnings but we all start somewhere.

People have compared learning taro to learning Jazz, noting young musicians learn how to play basic songs before they learn how to freestyle. I think the "throw the book out and just say what the card is saying to you" advice some give forgets that when beginners look at a card they usually go blank.

The books also discusses learning by doing readings for teddy bears and fictional clients. The reason being that a new reader is likely to say absolutely the wrong thing to a client and may have a negative impact on them. perhaps I'm a tad too cavalier about these things, I advocate reading for friends early on, but I think the warnings from the book are wise and that one must have humility when reading for another person and take great care with them as our words will weigh heavily on them.
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