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Thank you!

Originally Posted by Hexi View Post
Flexible funding means it will go ahead, even if we don't meet our target. The deck, of which I am a contributor, will go ahead regardless, and future sales of the deck will help pay for the printing costs over time if we do not meet our target. I wholeheartedly stand behind this amazing deck with 12 top ten deck creators from AT in the mix.

Please don't wait until the end, support us now so that more funding can go to Cancer research. There are basic costs that must be covered to create a deck, it will be an awesome deck for meditation, contemplation and reading as well. Some fabulous cards can be seen in our youtube video.

the campaign is at to preorder decks and apps. Shipping is included and we ship internationally as well. This will be a great deck for collectors too.
Cheers Hexi
i urge everyone to help support this campaign in some manner.

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