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Originally Posted by DanThorpe View Post
Q: Best course of action regarding finances this month?

The Moon Reversed and The Devil

I feel a purchase opportunity will present its self,and you will have a very hard choice whether to make it, things will seem to make very little sense and even your intuition might hold you back, this is not a time to force a choice, With The Devil aswell I feel the need to warn that this purchase may be for simple material gratification but in the long run will do you more damage, This is a time to assess your finances and what is really needed to be spent on rather than what you want to spend on, What looks nice and shiny now, will its shine last long or will you have just given into temptation.

Sorry its more than one sentence.

What do i need to know about the lad my BF is texting?



There could be some strong feelings there but could end up quite may backfire somehow....sorry

Is the guy who is on his way G?
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