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Originally Posted by Padma View Post
Blue Fusion, your art work is indeed fabulous! But MoonGypsy gave you some fantastic and absolutely correct advice. The Lennies, when laid out in an entire spread, need to have the card symbol immediately pop out from the background, or it is very difficult to look at and read smoothly and fluently!

I have some busier decks, and can only use them for three card dailies...when they are grouped together, as a whole, I am completely lost in visual stimuli!

I would also say that though the Roman numerals suit your style beautifully, many of us have a hard time making the leap from tarot to Lenormand, which is completely different as a reading system...the Roman numerals are very reminiscent of tarot, and may hold the reader's mind in the tarot zone...I don't know, just a personal observation.

But in the end, as MoonGypsy so accurately noted - it is your creation, your art, and while it is good to get suggestions, you have to weigh that against your personal "art boundaries" - you don't want to lose your initial drive and creative idea in a wash of opinions (all of which are likely to differ, in any case!)

You have a great idea there - and amazingly talented art to match I wish you all the pleasure and luck of creating your deck!
Thanks. I don't mind the input, in fact it helps me keep my art grounded - though of course, at the end of the day, I'll be the one making the decisions on what to include - but at least it's a decision broadened by inputs from others.

Both of you are correct: the leap from tarot to Lenormand is a bit - well, not really difficult, but I guess: oblique. It doesn't help that I have this nagging tendency to be disturbed by bare areas in my art - my response is to fill them in with details. But I think I can manage with this one.

I did attempt another Lennie last year, which I posted in this section. The problem with that had more to do with me having difficulties with the art style/look I chose for the project (though I'd want to return to that project some day). At least with the Gravenchase, my ideas for the look of the deck are more concrete - I just have to work on aligning it with the quirks of the Lenormand system.

Sorry for rambling! Anyway, thanks again for the inputs! They're helping me a lot in terms pf adjusting to the Lenormand style and system.
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