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Smile Hello, newbie here!

Hello, this is my first post in here

I just got my deck on Friday, and while doing a relationship reading just now I drew IV Pentacles. Reading all the posts here has given me new ideas about how to interpret the card, but when I looked at the description of the card from the provided "cheat sheet" (which said /possession, control/), I noticed that the strings, while pretty, appeared to bind the Pentacles/coins and hold them in place. The shaded area would be the outside world, while within the Pentacles is a space made by the arranger, one's own world so as to speak.

Also, control can be felt just from the presence of the strings. The strings make the formation look orderly and neat, but they also restrict the Pentacles/coins from moving where they please.

Just my interpretation anyway.. I hope it helps! ><
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