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Those black arrows-in-a-circle are the symbol for Chaos Magic. ("postmodern magical tradition" where the central tenant is that belief itself is a tool - and therefore, any paradigm can work provided you believe in it. Infinite diversity of ideas in infinite combinations - all are valid. The Chaos magician uses a paradigm, then sets it aside and tries a different one next time.). Alluding to infinite possibilities available to The Fool on his outward journey...
I smile at the loincloth - infinite possibilities that he can engender on his outward journey.

His dog looks to me like he's begging for attention (that whole idea of "pay attention to detail" that's attached to The Fool) - but he's not noticed. He's dreaming away - maybe with only half his attention on the magical egg in his right hand. What is that? - a half conjured up spell? (impulsive creation?).
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