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This is what I posted about this card on the Deck of the Week thread:
"The Empress seems to be forcing a smile, when what she would rather
do is smack the back of that child's head".

After I spent more time with this card and re-read my flippant post, it occurred
to me that this card could possibly indicate child abuse. I realize that is
only one very narrow way of reading it, but I thought I'd add it in here, as it
really struck me once I saw it.

The child appears fearful, and both of their smiles are rather sickly. The way
the Empress' arm drapes down near the child makes me think she is about
to reach over and give the girl a pinch, especially if she doesn't smile nicely
for the camera and pretend that all is well. The way the skeleton is leaning
forward in the background made me think of "skeletons in the closet". This
particular family skeleton is popping out, and forcing the Empress to face him.
Rather than showing the caring, nurturing Mother, this interpretation reveals
the destructive, devouring Mother.
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