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10 of Pentacles

I see the 10 of Pentacles differently than anyone has posted
so far.

I see the man at the gate as the father of the couple standing
outside; he is reluctant to let them in because, instead of living
the proper, patrician lives he wanted for them, they have been hiking,
backpacking, and exploring the world. He is wondering, "Do I really
want to let them back in?", and they are thinking, "Do we really
want to go back home?" The answer for all of them must be "Yes"
in order to reach the completion of the 10 of Pentacles. The father
will teach his children to appreciate the comforts of wealth and
financial security, while they teach him to appreciate the value of
emotional wealth and real life experience. In this way, each of them
will truly "have it all."
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