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Thanks to journeyinghome, I now have the new deck and book set in hand.
I can already tell folks that the cards are the same as the second edition cards in the small green box - except for the overprinting of the arched border in black. So same size (smaller than first edition) same gold twiddly bits in the top corners, same green backs, no white borders No changes to the actual artwork.

So the only version with the Goddess of the Land on the backs is the first version

I would point out that this packaging has the cards in two separate piles - and if they have a warp (as these one currently do) - then you're going to have trouble when you put them together, because they will have warped differently so they will keep separating at the same point, if you see what I mean. I've mixed the cards and have the whole deck under a weight now to try and even them out.

In the book - the section on cards contains the same opening sentences and meanings as the second edition - which pretty much came from the earlier editions anyway. The section on each card which was entitled 'oracle' is moved into the Quest section.
The lessons and meditations are pretty much the same; slightly less archaic language in a few places, slightly shorter without losing meaning in others.

So there's no new information here - which is fine, Caitlin never claimed there was. In my opinion, if you already have the previous deck and books then you don't really need this set - unless you're a completionist or fervent fan like me.
But if you don't have any of the previously printed versions then this set is great, all the information gathered together, with a deck, in one place.

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