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I just want to second what PathWalker has said in the post above, because this is a very good description of my own new set (which I bought because I am a fervent fan and can't resist having extra copies of my favourite deck).

I want to add that I've been keeping the deck in a bag since I bought it two months ago, and have used (shuffled) it a lot, especially this last month. As a result, the warp from the two piles it came in is almost gone. I can't see it when the deck is lying on a flat surface. Only if I hold it sort of loosely in my hand does it still separate in spots.

I also want to clarify something, in case anyone's wondering. When PathWalker says there's no change to the artwork, she means exactly that. The smaller size of the deck is simply the result of the white borders being gone. The arch that holds the artwork is exactly the same size in this new edition as it was in the first. I even got out a ruler and checked the height and width! Cos I'm weird like that.
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