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Originally Posted by GotH View Post
5 of Wands Rx - 3 of Cups

Because you are picking up on S being done with any conflict there may have been (with you) in the past and has a happier, celebratory energy going on now. The base card indicates they won't be coming back though.

How would that ensemble look if I put it together?
Yeah, I dont think he is and I dont want him to which is why the dreams freak me out, its almost stalkery But the dreams are him wanting to be with me and I want him to leave me alone and doesn't.

Knight of Pents/Emperor
I think you would look well put together. People would be able to tell that you took time in your appearance and you will look professional.

How can I best get X to feel less intimidated and afraid when I am around so we can talk casually?
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