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Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot ~ Two of Cups

Marseille - System (Bridge)

The Two of Cups symbolizes love, the result of one added to one.

Marseille - System

Two of cups, Love, union, friendship, harmony.

Marseille - System - basics (La Force's)

The Suit of Cups Keywords:

Heart, Soul, Pure, Intense, Spiritual, Emotions, Intuition, Delusions, Dreams, Pleasure, Fertility, Beauty, Subconscious mind, Instincts, Happiness, Relationships, Feminine, Passive, Social situation, Healing, Compassion, Receive, Perceive, Create.

The Two's (Number 2) Keywords:

■Partnerships, Cooperation, Relationships, Companionship, Coming together, Connection, Union/Reunion

■Harmony, Truce, Tolerance, Compromise, Reconciliations

■Duality, Polarities, Reflection, Balancing, Multitasking

■Division, Choices, Decisions, Judgement

■Patience, A period of waiting, A respite

■Receptive, Feminine, Sensitive, Caring, Nurturing, Cultivating

■Loved ones first, self last
■Close emotional attachments to immediate loved ones
■Maternal instinct
■Tact and diplomacy
■Obedience as in the loyal follower, the perfect significant other, assistant, friend, etc.

Suit + Number = ?


(ETA/Begin) I have no permission to post the Thoth meaning you can view the 2 of Cups - AC Thoth divinatory meanings here: (ETA/End)


Love, Passion, Friendship, Affinity, Union, Concord, sympathy, the interrelation of the sexes

Intuitive Method

here you post your own interpretation from what you pick up from the card.

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