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Wow, La Force...that's some hefty analysis there. I hope you aren't disappointed with my thoughts! I'm not nearly as academic as I suspect you are!

Looking through the deck the first time, the 2 of Cups is one of the cards that I immediately loved. The LWB speaks of "twin souls" and meeting a like-minded person. I like that this card isn't just about a romantic attraction. (I know we can interpret it as either a platonic or a romantic attraction, regardless of image, but so many decks go with the man/woman couple route! This is a nice change.)

This card makes me think of how the beginning of my best relationships, romantic and otherwise, has begun with that jolt of "Oh, I get this person! And he/she understands me, too!" It's such a thrill when that happens, and it is rare. Seeing a bit of yourself in someone else is affirming and reminds you that you are not alone. This naturally gets me thinking of the concept of soulmates and being "meant for each other." Inside jokes, obscure movie/book/musical tastes shared, experiences you go through together that change you both in profound ways...there's a lot of little and BIG things that can be a part of a soulmate kind of kinship.

Even though I don't read reversals yet, this image immediately hinted at the shadow side as well. There can be a sense of losing yourself in a relationship like this, a feeling of not knowing where you end and the other person begins (such as the hair braided together). This kind of closeness can become stifling at times. There can be a loss of individuality, and feeling like you sacrifice things (new interests, new friendships) in order to keep things the same, because you worry that your relationship can't handle the sort of change that you might bring into it.

Going along with that shadow side, there is a certain...ferocity to the eyes of these girls that makes me think that anyone who tried to come between them would suffer a cruel fate!
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