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"Oh, (card here) isn't always negative!"
"Here's how to read (card here) as a good thing!"

That one drives me NUTS. People afraid to acknowledge that certain things in life are bad. Heads being buried in the sand drive me nutty, though that doesn't just apply to tarot.

Faerie based decks are another thing I hate. They're always of the opinion that the faeries are helpful. Haha...what? Have any of these people actually read anything about faeries? They sour milk, kidnap children, and kill livestock. Most of them think humans make a good dinner. Even Tinkerbell straight up tried to murder Wendy, and that was the Disney version of her. I know these types of decks are popular, but I really can't stand them. Expecting a straight answer out of a faerie is laughable at best.

For reference, THIS is a faerie.

I have to restrain myself if I'm ever in a room where someone asks me for a reading and then goes "Well I never believed in this stuff anyway!" You insult me, sir/madam. Hate people like that.

As far as methods to read cards goes, I too share a hatred of clarifiers. I don't like reversals either but I don't mind other people using them. Where I start to roll my eyes is when astrology gets dragged into it.

A most minor of quibbles is with wands = fire and swords = air. I was always of the mind the swords suit represents trials. No one says "trial by air". It's always -fire-.

Earth cards always being read as dull and unmoving...excuse me? Lava is earth, and that reshapes landscapes! Crystals are earth, gems are earth, glass is earth, great sand dunes that constantly shift are earth. Rocks aren't boring or even as static as people make them out to be.

Readers that talk too fast...please stop. STOP. Take a breath. Slow. Down. I have issues with hearing/comprehension in general so if you babble at light speed like an excited monkey that's drank too much coffee I'll catch approximately 0% of what you say and just stare at you blankly.

I had an ex-friend that would always read certain court cards as particular people. Suffice it to say she was a terrible reader.

The Lovers as a choice bugs me. I get that there was that whole "virgin or temptress?" thing on some decks but honestly there are other cards for things like that with more information on them, like the 2 of Swords being not wanting to choose, for example.

"I drew (court card here) that must mean a person with (physical features here)!" How. Does that even work.

Court cards as double elements I find both irksome and confusing. I mean that's great that you read card whatever as "fire of wind" but all that says to me is that someone needs to stop eating beans for dinner.

Something about people that say they work with angels just makes me uncomfortable in general.

People that try to handle my decks (or any of my things, really) without my permission are just asking for a punch in the face. They always break it/smudge it/bend it/cover it in their awful perfume/ketchup/something.

I'm quite the grumpy cat, aren't I?
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