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Ah, yes . . .

Originally Posted by Nightmeru View Post
"Oh, (card here) isn't always negative!"
"Here's how to read (card here) as a good thing!"
This is a HUGE pet peeve for me, too.

Originally Posted by Nightmeru View Post
Court cards as double elements I find both irksome and confusing. I mean that's great that you read card whatever as "fire of wind" but all that says to me is that someone needs to stop eating beans for dinner.
Ha! Yeah, I am utterly confused and irritated by readers who do the "double element" method with court cards.

Originally Posted by Nightmeru View Post
Something about people that say they work with angels just makes me uncomfortable in general.
Yes!! This. For one thing, I don't believe in the existence of angels. But insofar as I understand the concept of judeo-christian angels, they aren't exactly something that humans would want to "work with" anyway.

Originally Posted by Alta View Post
I am of the 'just read the cards' opinion. Don't give me personal opinions, your life is not my life. What worked for you won't work for someone else, just read the cards as they fall; don't try and twist them to suit your worldview.
This is a tremendous pet peeve for me, and I see it happen quite a bit in online readings. As a sitter, I'm not there to seek the reader's personal advice or life story or worldview. I'm there simply to hear about the cards -- the cards they have pulled for ME, which has not got anything to do with THEM.
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